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Unable to Save Contact using Xamarin.Mobile Component in Xamarin.Android

SrimanSriman INMember ✭✭

I am using this Xamarin.Mobile component in Xamarin.Android project. After a lot of googling and going through their samples, i found only the way to retrieve the contacts from phone to my app.

Below is my code:

    AddressBook book = new AddressBook(context)
                PreferContactAggregation = true

    Phone ph = new Phone(){
    Type = PhoneType.Mobile,
    Number = "9952429044"

   Contact ct = new Contact()
        DisplayName = "Sai Ram",
        FirstName = "Om",
        MiddleName = "Sai",
        LastName = "Ram",
        Phones = new List<Phone>(){ph}

I need to save the Contact object to the phone's addressbook. I can't find any methods like book.Save(contact) in Xamarin.Contacts.


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