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WebView EvaluateJavascript return value with IValueCallBack

What is the best way to return the javascript results with the Android EvaluateJavascript? Below is my attempt but I am getting an error of "An unhandled exception occurred" when calling EvaluateJavascript.

JavascriptResult jsr = new JavascriptResult();

string js = "function myFunction(value1, value2) { if value1 > value2 return true else return false}};";
js += "myFunction(100, 50);";

webview.EvaluateJavascript("javascript:" + js, jsr);

result = jsr.Result;

public class JavascriptResult : Java.Lang.Object, IValueCallback
public string Result;
public void OnReceiveValue(Java.Lang.Object result)
Result = ((Java.Lang.String)result).ToString();


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