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Mapbox SDK for iOS works in Simulator, but not works in real device.


MapBox SDK is amazing, but not worked in real device (iPhone5S + iOS9.1).
In simulator, it works fine.

At first, running on real device, sample causes error below:

MapboxSampleiOS[3635:1365466] -[NSProcessInfo mgl_isInterfaceBuilderDesignablesAgent]: unrecognized selector sent to instance 0x156609bf0

but this error is solved if I add

-gcc_flags "-ObjC"

to build options.

But next, sample causes error below:

Wrapper type 'Mapbox.Annotation' is missing its native ObjectiveC class 'MGLAnnotation'.

This error cannot be solved by my skill.

Is this a bug?
Or if not bug, how can I avoid this?



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