ACR Barcode - Splash screen shows after call to Barcodes.Instance.Read()

I have ACR barcodes working great in a Xamarin Forms PCL project. When user presses the "scan now" button, an instance of Barcodes is added as a child to a RelativeLayout declared in XAML.

var scanView = new ScannerView();
var result = await BarCodes.Instance.Read();

The call to Read() causes the app's splash screen to be displayed momentarily while the camera initializes.

Is there any way to avoid or hide displaying the splash screen?


  • RayEckelRayEckel USUniversity

    I ended up using a custom renderer (for ScannerView). In the custom renderer I created an instance of the scanner directly from the ZXing Assembly (no more Acr.Barcode. turns out it was deprecated anyway).

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