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How to refresh info window on iOS Google Maps

JOAOSerraJOAOSerra PTMember ✭✭
edited November 2015 in Xamarin.Forms

I've having problems refreshing my info Window on iOS google maps, I always see the information of the previous marker.
I'm using a renderer where I do all the changes I need.
I'm using Google Maps component 1.9.1.

After searching on internet I believe what im watching is a Screenshot taken with the previous cached information?
But i don't seem to have access to this screenshot on the renderer's infoWindow

the marker seems to have the correct information and I can animate the camera to its position correctly.

private MapView myMapView;

 protected override void OnElementChanged(ElementChangedEventArgs<GMapView> e)
myMapView.MarkerInfoWindow = new GMSInfoFor(markerInfoWindow);

 UIView markerInfoWindow(UIView view, Marker marker)
            View infoWindow = googleMap.InfoWindow;

            var renderer = RendererFactory.GetRenderer(infoWindow);
            var layoutWidth = FeaturesController.ScreenSize.Bounds.Width * 0.9;
            var layoutHeight = FeaturesController.ScreenSize.Bounds.Height * 0.39;
            renderer.NativeView.Bounds = new CGRect(0, 0, (nfloat)layoutWidth, (nfloat)layoutHeight);
            renderer.NativeView.BackgroundColor = Color.White.ToUIColor();

            return renderer.NativeView;

How can I refresh the info Window?


  • JOAOSerraJOAOSerra PTMember ✭✭

    I've ended up passing the data to the renderer and overwriting the component values 1 by 1 inside the markerInfoWindow.

            Stacklayout station = (StackLayout)infoWindow;
        station.prop = newVal
        View newInfoWindow = station as View;
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