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set DatePicker.Date to a week before date.

How can I set DatePicker.Date to a week before date ?



  • SatishBirajdarSatishBirajdar USMember ✭✭

    solved this issue using:

    DateTime initialDate = DateTime.Now.AddDays (-7);
    sharedModalPicker.DatePicker.SetDate (NSDateDateTimeExtensions.ToNSDate(initialDate), true);
    public static class NSDateDateTimeExtensions {
                    #region Data
                    /// <summary>The NSDate from Xamarin takes a reference point form January 1, 2001, at 12:00</summary>
                    /// <remarks>
                    /// It also has calls for NIX reference point 1970 but appears to be problematic
                    /// </remarks>
                    private static DateTime nsRef = new DateTime(2001, 1, 1, 0, 0, 0, 0, DateTimeKind.Local); // last zero is milliseconds
                    /// <summary>Returns the seconds interval for a DateTime from NSDate reference data of January 1, 2001</summary>
                    /// <param name="dt">The DateTime to evaluate</param>
                    /// <returns>The seconds since NSDate reference date</returns>
                    public static double SecondsSinceNSRefenceDate(this DateTime dt) {
                            return (dt - nsRef).TotalSeconds;
                    /// <summary>Convert a DateTime to NSDate</summary>
                    /// <param name="dt">The DateTime to convert</param>
                    /// <returns>An NSDate</returns>
                    public static NSDate ToNSDate(this DateTime dt) {
                            return NSDate.FromTimeIntervalSinceReferenceDate(dt.SecondsSinceNSRefenceDate());
                    /// <summary>Convert an NSDate to DateTime</summary>
                    /// <param name="nsDate">The NSDate to convert</param>
                    /// <returns>A DateTime</returns>
                    public static DateTime ToDateTime(this NSDate nsDate) {
                            // We loose granularity below millisecond range but that is probably ok
                            return nsRef.AddSeconds(nsDate.SecondsSinceReferenceDate);
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