UIView.Animate come back to initial state when ended

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I have a little animation to hide a footer on my app, he works well until now, but now, when I deploy I don't know why, the footer came back to the original position when the animation ended...

This is the animation code for my footer move :

private void OnSwipeDetected(UISwipeGestureRecognizer obj) { UIView.Animate(.4, 0, UIViewAnimationOptions.BeginFromCurrentState, () => { var frame = MyBox.Frame; frame.Y += frame.Height; MyBox.Frame = frame; },null); }

I am not sure but I think when my box go out of the screen, the frame was resize and so my incrementation is null...

If anyone has an idea, he could be cool!


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  • caronicolascaronicolas FRUniversity ✭✭

    Hi @lakhanimilan91

    I don't use xib file, I always made all of the display by code but your answer help me to find a solution to my problem.

    Thanks for your help ;)

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