SeparatorColor and SeparatorVisibility dont work on Android.

LuciHLuciH ITMember

I need to delete the separator in a ListView. I ve tried with the SeparatorColor and SeparatorVisibility properties.
I also tried with the custom renderer ( (not tablebiew)).

How can I do? Any suggestions, please??


  • JacobPoulsen_JacobPoulsen_ DKMember ✭✭✭

    Just used SeparatorVisibility in my Xamarin.Forms project, and its working just as expected.
    mylistview.SeparatorVisibility = SeparatorVisibility.None; hides the seperatorline between each cell in the list.
    If you want to get more help you should post some of your code for us to look into..

  • David_PilkingtonDavid_Pilkington USUniversity

    I am having this issue as well

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