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Can not convert EventColor to type 'Xamarin.Forms.Color'

BuckPrivateBuckPrivate USUniversity ✭✭

I'm trying to change TextColorProperty on a TextCell using a DataTemplate. in my model I have public Xamarin.Forms.Color EventColor to use in the datatemplate. For some reason its telling me it can't convert EventColor(Xamarin.Forms.Color) to 'Xamarin.Forms.Color'. They should be the same thing. Why is it confused about using the EventColor from my model?

my EventColor in Classes looks like this:

EventColor = R=1, G=0, B=0, A=1, Hue=1, Saturation=1, Luminosity=0.5

ListView and DataTemplate

classList = new ListView()
                ItemsSource = viewModelStart.Classes,

            classList.ItemTemplate = new DataTemplate(typeof(TextCell));
            classList.ItemTemplate.SetBinding(TextCell.TextProperty, "class_name");
            classList.ItemTemplate.SetBinding(TextCell.DetailProperty, "start_time");
            classList.ItemTemplate.SetValue(TextCell.TextColorProperty, "EventColor");


  • BuckPrivateBuckPrivate USUniversity ✭✭

    I figured it out. I had to change SetValue to SetBinding. I think this is because I'm using EventColor from my model and not specifying an actual color value to be used in the DateTemplate. Hope this helps someone down the road.

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