iOS Today extension memory limits

SamiyaSamiya USMember
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I get memory warnings in the today extension even with very little data handling. Is there a way to solve this?

Also, the extension keeps flickering when I pull the notification center. It disappears, then appears, but again disappears. I get the following messages in the log:

<Warning>: Found new TLS offset at 224
<Warning>: HW kbd: Failed to set <identifier> as keyboard focus
<Warning>: plugin <identifier> invalidated
<Warning>: HW kbd: Failed to set (null) as keyboard focus
<Warning>: Widget with identifier ‘<identifier>’ disconnected unexpectedly


  • SamiyaSamiya USMember

    I also sometimes get the following error:

    Oct 26 13:17:31 diagnosticd[2471] <Error>: unable to find offset 0x98237a5c in shared cache for arch 'arm64'
    Oct 26 13:17:31 ReportCrash[13058] <Notice>: platform_thread_get_unique_id matched 2954533
    Oct 26 13:17:31 ReportCrash[13058] <Notice>: Formulating report for process[13057] <identifier>
    Oct 26 13:17:31 mediaserverd[2411] <Notice>: '' (pid = 13057) setting DiscoveryMode = DiscoveryMode_None, currentDiscoveryMode = DiscoveryMode_None
    Oct 26 13:17:31 SpringBoard[7228] <Warning>: plugin <identifier> interrupted
  • adamkempadamkemp USInsider, Developer Group Leader mod

    I think you're spending too much time looking at the device console. There's a lot of stuff in there that has nothing to do with your app. Don't focus on the console.

    Also, memory warnings don't necessarily (in fact, don't usually) mean that your app is using too much memory. That just means the system as a whole is using a lot of memory, and the OS is looking for apps willing to throw free some resources. Your app could be a hello world app and still get that memory warning. If there's nothing to release just ignore it. I rarely even bother implementing it. I wish Xamarin wouldn't put it in their templates because it's very rarely useful and just confuses people new to iOS.

    Your flickering issues are almost certainly unrelated to either of these other symptoms.

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