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OpenTK dying...

I have a framework based on OpenTK, and I pay mono touch , mono android, and xamarin mac to use OpenTK on all platforms, why OpenTK is dying same time, and the openTK developers get nothing from what I pay ???


  • VirgileBello.4441VirgileBello.4441 JPMember, Beta

    Same, I am little bit worried about OpenTK, especially since hardware supporting OpenGL ES 3.0 is starting to get out.

    Any plan to provide OpenGL ES 3 support?
    Who will be responsible for it, Xamarin or OpenTK itself?

    Any plan to open-source your changes to OpenTK so that we can compile/tweak/bugfix our own if needed? (esp. if we want to customize the Android/iOS egl/context layer) That would really be helpful so that we are not too dependent on Xamarin updates of OpenTK when working on rendering engine.

  • PhilippeRollinPhilippeRollin USBeta ✭✭

    Same here. It would be very beneficial to the community to be able to contribute to a common OpenGL binding library that would be hosted and maintained by a reputable entity such as Xamarin.
    I would add that this is essential if we want mono* to thrive in the (3d) gaming space where we constantly push the hardware boundaries. As Virgile mentioned, low level access to the EGL context creation process would be ideal since many features require special handling there (depth/stencil format, multisampling, vendor specific extensions, etc...)

    Hope this gets some official attention :)

  • VirgileBello.4441VirgileBello.4441 JPMember, Beta
    edited May 2013

    Sorry to bump this, but any official update/answer?

    Also, forgot to mention about differences between desktop and mobile version (enum All => need lot of #ifdef). It would be good to have an OpenTK build based on a more recent version.
    But as said before, just open-sourcing Android EGL OpenTK code and equivalent iOS layer would probably be a good enough first step.

  • DeanEllisDeanEllis USXamarin Team Xamurai

    An aannouncement has been made on this subject on the following thread

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