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I have done an app in xamarin android how to convert for ios and windows platform

I have done an app in xamarin android and released in playstore how to convert the same coding for ios and windows platform can u suggest me,how to start or work as i dnt have knwoledge in crossplatform and ios or windows so kindly suggest me..



  • DavidStrickland0DavidStrickland0 USMember ✭✭✭
    edited October 2015

    It depends on how you wrote your Android app. If you wrote it in Java on Eclipse there's not much help for it your going to have to rewrite it. You'll have to rewrite it reguardless to go to another platform so you might as well do it once for all three. Re write it in C# put as much as you can in your PCL and ...

    It's hard to say much without a bit more detail on what your attempting. Specifically what technology is your android app.

  • Rohit.0900Rohit.0900 USMember

    i have wrriten the code in xamarin android how to use the same codes for ios and windows

  • DavidStrickland0DavidStrickland0 USMember ✭✭✭

    The code you want to share on IOS and Windows needs to be in a PCL.
    Since it wasn't Xamarin Forms from the get go it'll take a bit of work to push your logic into a PCL but once it is you can share it across the platforms

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