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Google Maps - changed dev paltaform (from mac to win) - maps don't load

MassiMassi USMember

Hello. I have developed in mac a google maps v2 api activity (compiled google play on mac) and
app was working. Now I am on xamarin studio in WIN 7. The same app won't load google maps.
Got thi error:
[Google Maps Android API] Failed to contact Google servers. Another attempt will be made when connectivity is established.
[Google Maps Android API] Failed to load map. Error contacting Google servers. This is probably an authentication issue (but could be due to network errors).
Any idea of what is happening?
Maybe I have to recompile google play on windows ?


  • TomOpgenorthTomOpgenorth CAXamarin Team Xamurai

    Odds are you have a different debug.keystore on your Windows machine, which hasn't bee whitelisted with the Android Maps v2 project in your Google Maps v2 project.

    Two options here:

    1. Use the same keystore on your Mac and Win7 machines.
    2. Get the SHA1 fingerprint of the debug keystore on your Win7 machine and add it to your Android Maps v2 project via the Google API console.
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