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UITest - iOS Simulator EnterText Hang

About 1/3 times I use app.EnterText for an iOS app on a text entry field it will be unable to detect the field and won't enter text.
I wait for the element to load and confirm that the element exists with a query, but it still fails. Is anyone else having this problem or found a solution.

Any help would be appreciated.

UITest v1.1.1
XCode 6.4, 7 (tried upgrading)
Simulator 5, 6, 6s all ios 9


  • NicholasTurnerNicholasTurner USMember, University ✭✭

    @CalebMorris.3135 The problem is that it can't find you object. Set the AccessibilityIdentifier to a known value and do

    app.EnterText(c => c.Marked("MyID").Class("UITextField"), "Hello World");

    If that still doesn't work app "app.Repl();" to your test, type "tree" at the prompt and find your text field and see what it's name is then paste the above code in.

  • NicholasTurnerNicholasTurner USMember, University ✭✭

    You should ask this question in the Test Cloud forum to get more attention

  • Caleb.MorrisCaleb.Morris USMember

    Moved to

    I don't think I comment clearly in the first post, but I am able to see the element using the query with the REPL and App.Query before i use EnterText, but it still hangs half the time.

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