Getting list of photo file names in camera roll

Marco_SeraphinMarco_Seraphin DEUniversity ✭✭

Hi all,

I used your code based on ALAssetsLibrary Larry posted in october 2013 to enumerate thru the SavedPhots in the camera roll.

But: What property or code do I have to use to load the photo in to an image control ?

I tried asset.AssetUrl but it seems to be wrong.

When I compare it with the path and file name I am getting using a MediaPicker sample it is quite different.

Additionally I want to extract the GPS Exif meta data. But always the Exif Meta data for GPS information is not available, any idea for this topic ?



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  • Marco_SeraphinMarco_Seraphin DEUniversity ✭✭

    Hi Michael,

    the hint to use the PhotoKit API was great...I was able to implement it with this API. It is much easier than using the ALAsset stuff....



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