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Do you upgrade dev environment to iOS9?

Currently using:
Xcode 6.4 (6E35b)
Xamarin iOS

We are currently support iOS 8.4 and above. With the recent release of iOS 9 do people here upgrade their dev environment to deploy iOS9 binaries?

I am concerned we could be taking advantage of an iOS9 feature and not knowing it was not available on an 8.4 device?

How do you stop devices badgering you to upgrade?

I understand we need to test on iOS 9, I just don't want it to suddenly become by development baseline



  • hobeauhobeau USMember

    Something to consider, as of last Friday, just over 50% of iOS devices are iOS 9. I would say that is probably enough to say that your device baseline is already iOS 9. You can go to your Project Options -> iOS Application -> Deployment Target and change it to a previous version. Also check out this article.

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