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Long build time after several package update

Hi guys,
can someone enlighten me why my building time take more than 20 minutes after updating the packages. This mostly happen if I update package from android repository. When it finish building, usually producing errors saying I should manually download some zip files directly from android repo.

Any help appreciated.


  • hobeauhobeau USMember

    Check out this article. Make sure that in Project Options -> Android Build -> 'Use shared Mono runtime' and 'Fast assembly deployment' are checked. Shared mono runtime is basically installing the mono runtime libraries on the phone so that you don't need to keep re-deploying those libraries for every build. Fast assembly deployment means that only the assemblies that you have made changes to will be deployed. It might help if you separate some of your code out into different PCL libraries or device specific libraries. If you can logically group code that doesn't change much that would mean that code wouldn't continuously be re-deployed for every build and only the assembly that you made changes to would have to be deployed to your device. Also, make sure your 'Linker' settings are set to 'Don't link'.

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