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manipulate camera

JoseMarroquinJoseMarroquin USMember
edited September 2015 in Xamarin.Android

Good morning Everybody i have a question ¿Can somebody explain me how can i manipulate a smartphone's camera on OS Android in Xamarin ?
I planted this question because im developing the application in Xamarin, the project is a photo editor, and i have finished the filters but i need how to manipulate the camera.

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  • SebastianSeidel.9226SebastianSeidel.9226 DEInsider, University ✭✭✭✭
    Accepted Answer

    What do you mean by manipulate? What do you want to do?

  • Hi @SebastianS sorry for the doubt, the idea is use the phone's camera from my app, for example, when somebody use instagram, if the person wanna take a picture, can use the instagram camera.

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