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Visual Studio 2015 can't deploy app to XAP

After upgrading to VS2015 I am unable to deploy to XAP. The emulator starts and then it just sits there, the app doesn't get deployed. See attached image.
I am running Win10 RTM, VS2015 RTM and XAP 0.5.6.
Any help is greatly appreciated.

xap.png 188.5K


  • saulorjsaulorj BRMember

    Hi @MarkSimpson and @DOT this solution works for me.
    Just remember to rename images as system administrator and restart XAP and VS 2015.

  • @MarkSimpson @saulorj Wow, that worked! Thank you very much. I would have never thought to try that. I was going crazy trying a million other hacks.
    I really appreciate your help. I simply renamed the emulator to Nexus4API19 and everything started working again. THANKS!

  • MarkSimpsonMarkSimpson USMember ✭✭✭

    You're welcome. :)

    You shouldn't need to do that in the next version!

  • saulorjsaulorj BRMember

    @MarkSimpson thankx!!!

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