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iOS Linker error 'Can't not find the nested type' when built in Visual Studio but not Xamarin Studio

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Hi there,

Since updating to iOS 9, XCode 7 and latest stable release of Xamarin for VS and XS (on Mac)...

PC - Visual Studio:
Xamarin 3.11.1443.0 (39031d3)
Xamarin.iOS (7eaf3bc2053ad0d4f720422bb3dc13504d61f7b5)
Xamarin.iOS Unified Migration 1.0

Mac - Xamarin Studio:
XCode 7.0 (8227)
Xamarin.iOS (Business Edition)

I am able to build a project fine using Xamarin Studio, but I get a linker error when building from Visual Studio:

C:\Program Files (x86)\MSBuild\Xamarin\iOS\Xamarin.iOS.Common.targets(654,3): error : Could not link assemblies. Reason: Can't not find the nested type '<<.ctor>b__0>d__8' in 'AMCS.Mobile.Hardware.Tools.Timer/<>c__DisplayClass3”

If it helps, this class is in one of our PCL projects referenced by the iOS project from within the same solution.

I've tried:
Disabling the linker in the iOS project - Resolves the issue. But not a good permanent solution.
Adding "--linkskip=System.Threading.Tasks" to mtouch arguments - did not fix the issue.

Any ideas what this could be? Anything else I could try?


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