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Bluetooth, Monkey.Robotics -- Forms?

Hi, I'm doing some R&D work on connecting to Bluetooth LE devices. I'm also trying out the Xamarin platform at the same time.

I'm a little confused on the direction of Xamarin forms as well as the use of Monkey.Robotics for Bluetooth. At first, I coded the bluetooth connectivity using Xamarin.Droid / IOS based on the information here: ("Which Xamarin approach is best for your app?"). That suggests that if you are really trying out the platform for eventual extensive use, you shouldn't focus on Forms.

However every time I'd hit a wall working in the platforms, I would find the Monkey.Robotics implementation which seems very clean and reusable for BT specifically between droid/ios. Every implementation of Monkey.Robotics is in forms (that I've found). Is there some reason for that other than that those same projects seem to be prototypes?

Is the description of the direction for forms really accurate ("Which Xamarin approach is best for your app?"). The "sharability" of the Monkey.Robotics forms projects is very enticing, but I'm afraid I'd be wasting my time or misjudging if I learned Xamarin that way.


  • PhilipOGormanPhilipOGorman USMember ✭✭✭

    I am not sure what you are asking, but we have used Monkey.Robotics for Bluetooth with forms on android and ios.
    You don't have to use form though to use Monkey.Robotics

  • CraigDunnCraigDunn USXamarin Team Xamurai

    The bluetooth stack in Monkey.Robotics is purely an abstraction that attempts to unify the bluetooth APIs available on iOS and Android into a single API. We use Xamarin.Forms projects to "demonstrate" this (like the TI sensor project) because the benefits of the single API are most obvious in that scenario.

    As @PhilipOGorman says, you could definitely add Monkey.Robotics to iOS and Android platform projects and access bluetooth via the single API it provides. There is no direct dependency between it and Forms.

    Note that Monkey.Robotics is open-source, so if you really want to understand how it works you can just read the code.

  • Thanks, that answers both my questions. Forms really is for proto-typing or simpler applications and there is no dependency on it for the Monkey.Robotics frameworks.

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