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SDWebImage - VS 2015 Native Linking Error

FjornFjorn USUniversity

I am getting several errors using Visual Studio 2015 and the SDWebImage Component. The errors deal with Native linking:

Native linking failed, duplicate symbol: '_WebPInitUpsamplersNEON'

I looked for other 3rd party libraries that might use SDWebImage, but I do not think that any of them do.

I contacted the developer of SDWebImage and received this response

visual studio in windows? i thought coding from visual studio was still in beta...
sorry i cannot help you in this as i have no knowledge of adding the library from visual studio.
i can only guess that visual studio did not exactly clone the repository with all the dependencies.
i will close this issue as it seems its not a problem with the library, rather than an issue with how visual studio installs components(libraries).
if you have any more details please share

Best Answer


  • MustafaJalilMustafaJalil USMember ✭✭

    I am getting the same error, but only if I build it for Simulator. On device it seems to work okay.

    Any workarounds?

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