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Beta Release: XamarinVS 3.11.893, Cycle 5 – Service Release 4

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This thread has now been closed to direct all further updates about this service release onto the new Stable release thread:


  • Xamarin.VisualStudio_3.11.893.msi (dd3b114)

Mac Build Host

  • monotouch- (6757279)

Reason for release: Additional bug fixes for the "Cycle 5" Stable Release on April 29 and the previous Cycle 5 Service Releases. (See the release blog for a short description of "Cycles" and "Service Releases.")

Release notes:

Date published: See

NOTE: These "Beta" versions have to date only undergone the Alpha stages of the release process. A special exception has been made to publish these builds to the Beta channel rather than the Alpha channel so that the Cycle 6 Preview builds could be published to the Alpha channel. As usual, these "Beta" versions have not yet completed the full suite of tests by the Xamarin QA team, and customer reports of any regressions (or bugs that are incorrectly marked fixed) are still much appreciated, even if the problem would have eventually been caught during the full QA testing process.

Previous versions, downgrading

You can downgrade back to the current Stable version by switching updater channels.

Older versions (from before April 29)

If needed, you can downgrade back to older versions (from before April 29) by manually reinstalling each old package. See the "Previous versions, downgrading" section on the April 29 Stable release thread for the older downgrade links.

Guidelines for this thread

  1. This first post will be updated regularly.

  2. Hopefully this thread will help answer "what might break if I update to this release?"

  3. If you find a new problem that is specific to this version, please file a bug report.

  4. Please discuss older bugs that are unchanged in this release compared to the previous Stable version in Bugzilla instead.

  5. Of course for questions and discussions about topics other than bugs, feel free start new forum threads.

Fixes for known issues from recent release threads

  • Upstream Visual Studio bug here, Xamarin tracking bug here: Bug 32977 - [XamarinVS] [Visual Studio, upstream] VS 2015 hangs or crashes under certain circumstances when working on Xamarin.Forms projects. This release reverts the XAML IntelliSense to use Xamarin's own Xamarin.Forms XAML IntelliSense extension. The behavior in VS 2015 should now more closely match the behavior in VS 2013.

  • Bug 32622 - [XamarinVS] IntelliSense shows errors in VS 2015 when referencing certain types in app projects from PCL projects (due to the new Roslyn-based IntelliSense in VS 2015). Important: after updating you might need to delete the hidden .vs folder in the solution directory to force an IntelliSense refresh. Note also that there is a different bug that has similar symptoms but only affects Xamarin.Forms: Bug 32988. (Old workaround: see Comment 4 on the bug report.)

    Example IntelliSense error messages from the Errors window:

    • "The type 'Object' is defined in an assembly that is not referenced. You must add a reference to assembly 'System.Runtime, Version="
    • "The type 'Expression<>' is defined in an assembly that is not referenced. You must add a reference to assembly 'System.Linq.Expressions, Version="
  • Non-public Bug 30481, Bug 29557 - [Mono] [Android] [iOS] SqlConnection.GetSchema() fails with "SourceTable is required to be a non-empty string".

Remaining known issues from the April 29 Stable Channel release, with more common or severe issues near the top

  • Bug 30513 - [Android] The logged stack traces from exceptions thrown within async methods do not include the actual location where the exception was thrown. Partial workaround: switch back to the old Xamarin.Android 4.x exception propagation style by setting the XA_BROKEN_EXCEPTION_TRANSITIONS environment variable to true (see also Bug 30513, Comment 11).

  • Bug 30548 - [Android] Under certain conditions new threads take several seconds to start. This problem seems to be triggered by Xamarin.Insights 1.10. Partial workarounds: upgrade Xamarin.Insights to version 1.10.3, downgrade to version 1.9, or remove it entirely.

  • Bug 29745 - [iOS] Error due to duplicate symbols during native compilation for device: "duplicate symbol _monoeg_g_array_new" (and many similar messages). Workarounds: disable profiling under "Project Properties -> iOS Build", or if your app uses the -all_load linker flag (via either gcc_flags or LinkerFlags) try removing it.

  • Bug 29731 - [Android] Android.Bluetooth.BluetoothAdapter.Enable is incorrectly marked as [Obsolete("deprecated")] for API level 20 and higher.

  • Bug 31379, Bug 31560 - [iOS] Enabling the linker when the app references PCL projects that include "duplicate" System.Threading.Tasks references (for example when using the "Microsoft.Net.Http" NuGet in a .NET 4.0 PCL) causes "Could not load file or assembly 'System.Threading.Tasks'" on the simulator. This bug has in fact existed since the original April 29 release of Cycle 5, but until Service Release 2 it had been obscured by the closely related Bug 29211. The bug only affects simulator builds and has fairly easy workarounds, so it is minor in severity. Workarounds: disable the linker in the iPhoneSimulator configurations or add -linkskip=System.Threading.Tasks under "project options -> iOS Build -> Additional mtouch arguments".

Remaining known issues from Cycle 5 – Service Release 2

  • Bug 31423 - [XamarinVS] [Android] [iOS] Locked .dll files: "Could not copy "... PortableClassLibrary1.dll" to "bin\Debug\PortableClassLibrary1.dll". Exceeded retry count of 10. Failed." This is a different problem than Bug 26841 because it affects .dll files rather than .dll.mdb files. It appears to be less common than Bug 26841. The results to date suggest that it is a bug in Visual Studio itself rather than in the Xamarin extensions. For example, it appears to be possible to hit the problem using a Windows Phone project, with no Xamarin involvement at all. The recent changes to the Xamarin "Clean project" process to properly remove stale files might have caused this to become easier to hit with Xamarin projects. In any case, it is still under investigation.

Remaining known issues from before the April 29 Stable Channel release

(For issues that might behave differently for some customers after updating to this new release, or that might be difficult to find via Bugzilla.)

  • Bug 28027 - [XamarinVS] [iOS] The debugger sometimes fails to connect properly after the app launches. This means breakpoints will not be hit during that launch of the app and the "Output -> Debug" window will be blank. Repeating the steps of (a) stopping the debugger and (b) relaunching the app will eventually lead to a successful connection. This problem has existed since at least XamarinVS 3.9.483, but some recent reports suggest that it has become more common for certain users recently. The problem might be caused by a race condition. Based on that guess, the recent releases might have changed some timings and increased the probability of hitting the issue on a wider range of system configurations. The bug is under active investigation.

  • Bug 29897 - [XamarinVS] [iOS] Breakpoints sometimes don't work when debugging on iOS device. Based on the observed behavior of this problem, it appears to have the same underlying cause as Bug 28027.


  • DavidSpeakDavidSpeak GBUniversity ✭✭


    Have downloaded this and, after deleting the .vs a couple of times, XAML Intellisense works fine and the InitializeComponent and x:Name phantom intellisense errors have disappeared.

    The PCL Library Reference phantom Intellisense errors remain, but I understand that's a MSBuild fix that Microsoft are doing? Any idea when we'll get that too?

    In any case, thanks for the fixes :smiley:

  • DavidSpeakDavidSpeak GBUniversity ✭✭

    Update: Having used VS for a while It seems that the InitializeComponents phantom errors reappear after editing a XAML file as before until the solution is built, then they disappear but then the PCL errors reappear and won't go away until a VS restart. Hmm confused now. At least the XAML Intellisense is working ok though.

  • BrendanZagaeskiBrendanZagaeski USForum Administrator, Xamarin Team Xamurai

    Marabunta, many thanks for the testing. Glad to hear the fixes are heading in the right direction.

    It seems that the InitializeComponents phantom errors reappear after editing a XAML file as before until the solution is built, then they disappear but then the PCL errors reappear

    These symptoms sound very similar to the remaining Xamarin.Forms issue Bug 32988 that appeared starting in Xamarin.Forms 1.4.4 and that affects all versions of Visual Studio. In my tests of that bug, downgrading to Xamarin.Forms 1.4.3 restored the expected behavior in both VS 2013 and VS 2015.

  • DavidSpeakDavidSpeak GBUniversity ✭✭


    Have reverted to 1.4.3 and everything now works as expected - XAML Intellisense, no phantom errors or lockups etc. (using Win10, VS2015, XamarinVS 3.11.893, Forms :smile:

    Obviously there's a shed load of bug fixes missing in 1.4.3, but none of them are blockers for me (but they may be for others) so I can carry on using this config until you're able to fix the underlying problem ...

  • BrendanZagaeskiBrendanZagaeski USForum Administrator, Xamarin Team Xamurai

    This thread has now been closed to direct all further updates about this service release onto the new Stable release thread:

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