[Custom Renderers] [iOS] Adjusting/Resizing Carousel's Children Page Renderer

Hey All,

I am in the process of making my own custom renderer for CarouselPage. for the past few days, I am trying to resize the CarouselPage's UIScrollView, so that I can add in some other UI controls aswell.

Here is when the problem starts. I managed to resize the UIScrollView, but even so, it subviews that contains the Carousel's Children did not resized as well, maintaining its original frame, due note that their subview's frame value did change, but it didn't change anything at all.

I believe that am overlooking something here, even after digging through Xamarin.Forms internal class. If modifying frame value didn't work, then something must've prevented it from doing so, or there is other ways to do it.

(also CC'd to @adamkemp @GeorgeCook since you guys probably knew something that I missed. )


  • (sorry for double post, I was hoping I can bump this thread up, along with my findings)

    Update: It seems that when the carousel's child page is getting renderered, the child page renderer's size is fixed. I've tried setting the renderer's nativeView's frame, but no luck so far. but turns out, only the background of the child's view seems to be affected, but not its subviews.

    I'll probably will look further into it later.

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