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Profiler NOT working properly!!! It hangs the app being profiled, both in simulator or in device.


Every time I use Profiler to use Allocations tool to profile our iOS app, it slows down the app and hangs it within couple of minutes of using the Profiler.
I tried to use ‘Allocations’ tool using Snapshotting comparison technique to find the memory leaks but both Profiler and the app that it is profiling (it may be on Simulator or Device) hangs and I am not able to perform the required steps to identify memory leaks in the app.
Sometimes Profiler crashes as well.
Also, I want to understand whether using 'Instruments' (provided by Apple as a part of Developer Tools) for profiling Xamarin iOS application is the right way? Is 'Instruments' compatible enough to work for Xamarin iOS apps? Need to understand this because 'Instruments' also crashes sometimes while profiling or hanged the app on my every attempt to profile our iOS app.

Your quick response to this will be helpful for our app completion and to go live on App Store.


  • RodrigoMoyaRodrigoMoya ESXamarin Team Xamurai

    Hi @AmolGaikwad.8043

    can you please provide the profiler logs (under ~/Library/Logs) and, if possible, iOS device/sim logs also?

    About Instruments, it's a great tool if you want to look for unmanaged code problems, but it's not helpful at all for managed code. That's why we are writing the Xamarin Profiler :-)

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