Windows app - strange touch handling

JahnOttoAndersenJahnOttoAndersen NOMember ✭✭

I'm having an issue with CocosSharp's touch handling on Windows 10.

I'm adding an event listener in my Layer:

var touchListener = new CCEventListenerTouchAllAtOnce();
touchListener.OnTouchesEnded = this.OnTouchesEnded;
AddEventListener(touchListener, this);

This works fine in the WinPhone emulator and on an Android phone. However, when I run it as a Windows application, most of the mouse clicks are ignored.

Another strange thing -- I don't know if it's related: if I start an animation in Layer.AddedToScene(), I need to click in the window in order to start the animation:

var moveBanana = new CCMoveTo(5.0f, new CCPoint(this.LayerSizeInPixels.Width, this.LayerSizeInPixels.Height));

Any ideas what's wrong...?


  • kjpou1kjpou1 LUMember, Xamarin Team Xamurai

    I have noticed some reports on MonoGame as well but have not run into these myself.

    We are working on the next release which updates the SharpDX assemblies to the latest and greatest. With this comes some problems with packaging with NuGet and PCL which is why this is not out yet. We are hoping to have a resolution this week and a new release by the end of the week or first of next week.

    If you can try github source base and see if that helps it would be a good test.

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