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skmskm USMember, University


I have created a cross platform application with shared code lib option. I have the same app implemented using Xamarin.forms. I have a strange problem with the packages. I have included the same set of packages for Xamarin.Forms app and the cross platform with shared code app. However the below lib is not available in the later.(app with shared code)

using System.Net.Http.Headers;

Can some one tell me why.

Thanks for your time.

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  • skmskm USMember, University

    For PCL libs, the above lib is working fine, however if i create a shared code app(Shared Code, not PCL), the 'headers' module is not available in the Microsoft.Net.Http

  • skmskm USMember, University

    Fabio, Thank you for the confirmation. Yes they are available.

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