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can't deploy an app to IPAD via ADOC from Xamarin Studio

I'm trying to deploy an app to a Ipad device.
I've got an Apple developer account and I've generated a valid provisioning profile.
When I try to deploy a test project from Xcode, the build succeeds and it deploys to the IPAD device, but when I try to build a test project from Xamarin , I've got the error :
'No valid Iphone code signing keys found in keychain.
I've got a trial version of xamarin : Is it the reason why I've got this error ?


  • tbktbk USMember ✭✭

    i believe you have to go to the "Options"(highlight the project) in Xamarin to specify which key (developer) you want to use. I can't remember offhand but there's a dropdown that lets you pick your cert/provisioning profile.

  • nicolasbastidenicolasbastide FRMember
    edited May 2013

    I've found the solution : My project was built with Visual Studio , so I must have filled these IOS application Name and identifier options to debug in the ipad Simulator (necessary).
    Clearing these values makes be able to deploy my solution in debug mode to the iPad device. (But in Adhoc mode the error remains ...)

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