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Best practice when designing for CocosSharp


Pretty new to xamarin and cocossharp and are wondering about the size of my content. I have tried to look at the docs but cant understand what the BP is here when designing for the best graphics.

  1. What desired width/height should i use in GameAppDelegate when developing for both android and ios?
  2. What canvas size should i use in photoshop for example when designing? The same as the one i set in GameAppDelegate?
  3. What size should the ld/hd graphics be built on?

Sry for the probably dumb questions.

Best Answers


  • sparkeysparkey USMember

    Wow guys, i really appreciate your well detailed answers. I will give this a go and come back.

    I did not expect this kind of good response due to the fact that my question must have sounding a bit diffuse and probably retarded :)

    Thanks again guys!

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