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skmskm USMember, University

Hi Team,

I am trying to add a package to my cross platform app however it showing error that the NuGet version is not supported and letest NuGet version. How do I upgrade to latest NuGet version on mac. Im all new to Xamarin/c#/Visual studio. So not quite sure how to use the IDE as well.

appreciate your time.

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  • skmskm USMember, University

    Yes, Im trying to NuGet package System.Net.Http and it is asking for NuGet V#3.0.

    So, how do I get System.Net.Http. If Xamarin doesn't support NuGet 3.0(so the package), what is the packge I should include in order to use Http request /response methods. Im particularly looking for namespace Syatem.Net.Http.Headers

    And, this is a Cross platform app, not Xamarin.Forms

  • skmskm USMember, University

    yes I have already tried to include the older version of the package which you mentioned, however it didn't have the Headers lib.

    So after going through Xamarin documents, it is suggested that I can use the HttpWebRequest to consume web services. So I switched to HttpWebRequets, to make the call, and Newtonsoft.json to parse the response.
    HttpWebRequest is availabel in Miscrosoft.Net.http.

    just finished the code to get response and parse the data :smile:

    thank you Matt for the inputs.

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