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How to make a library of MonoMac.AppKit

skylarkskylark JPMember
edited May 2013 in Xamarin.iOS

Hi all.

Please tell me how to make a library of MonoMac.Appkit.
I tested:

1) Select Add New Project...

2) Select Mac(open source) and Empty MonoMac Project, and then Input ProjectName(=TestLib) on New Project Panel

3) Push OK

4) In TestLib Project Option, change target of compile to "Library"

5) In TestLib, add new class(=CustomButton) derived from MonoMac.AppKit.NSButton

6) Add reference to TestLib from the other executable project(=TestApp)

7) Put NSButton on TestApp's MainWindow.xib and change the class name to "CustomButton"

It doesn't work. There is a line in Execute Log:

TestApp[2469:1207] Unknown class CustomButton in Interface Builder file at path /....


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