i cannot run any project? i cannot see the content page ? Anyone to help ?

i just download the app, and try to run hello world and got that error. main.axml doesn't show on content mode and i cannot run any projects. Please help.


  • einRobbyeinRobby USMember

    Which app did you download? Could you provide some sample code? I don't think that we can help you just by looking at the error message. :/

  • mrvdkrmrvdkr TRMember

    i use xamarin 5 for two days, when open the app the first project is HELLO, i want to design my android surface page of app but nothing in there. I cannot see button ,text ,surface none of views and just an error message. There are some answers for new users of xamarin, but they thing that is a SDK problem. But i couldn't solve it with updating my sdk. Am i clear? there is no app, just first version of the start project.

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