Can no longer debug on iOS device within Xamarin Studio

ATS2050ATS2050 USMember


I can no longer debug on any devices from within Xamarin Studio after installing the latest version.

Xamarin Studio version 5.9.5 (build 9)
Xamarin.iOS version:
Xcode 6.4

Within Xamarin Studio, the debugging options are disabled.

Run -> Start Without Debugging works fine and installs the app on my devices.
Run -> Start Debugging is gray / disabled.

I've checked my development certificates, devices, provision profiles. Everything looks valid in Xcode. And the app works okay without debugging on all of my devices, so I'm pretty sure the provision profiles are okay.

What else can I check to get this working? Anyone else having this problem?

Thanks for the help.


  • ATS2050ATS2050 USMember

    I figured this out, somehow debug and instrumentation was unchecked in the iOS Build settings. Can't believe I didn't see that sooner. Thanks.

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