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Mono development work


For about 3 ½ months we have been working with an offshore development company we engaged to build an ‘in vehicle’ application designed to run on a ruggedized tablet. It was intended to manage things like driver fatigue, speed and location reporting as well as job dispatch. Up until just recently we didn’t have any development skills internally so we were relying on the vendor to manage all parts of the SDLC and deliver a quality product. However we now have a technical BA on board who has this background and could comment on the state of the source code received to date. Whilst it is fairly basic, it doesn’t follow industry best practise, has little to no unit testing built in and no exception catches. My concern is that I’ll never receive a product that is robust enough to put into production. I’m at the stage where it might make more sense to engage someone locally to complete the project. Ideally, I’d like to see what could be salvaged from the application and provide a quicker turn around so we can commence UAT. That said, a fair amount of development has been completed and the app does run reasonably well (when not crashing).

Any takers on offering some consulting services?



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