Google Cast for Android

There's this great component for casting to iOS from Google Cast but it seems odd to me that support hasn't yet been added for native Android. Is this something that's in the works? Is there a way I can use Xamarin to implement Google Cast now?


  • AlexSotoAlexSoto MXXamarin Team Xamurai


    Google Cast is included in Google Play Services

  • Is there any documentation around using the Google Play Services for casting on android with Xamarin?

  • JanZemanJanZeman USUniversity

    I just started on this topic and I found an example called Casting Call - much better than any documentation ;-) Just add the Google Play Services component and go to Samples...

  • JanZemanJanZeman USUniversity

    Forgot to mention... Lighter solution is not to add the whole component but only the Xamarin.GooglePlayServices.Cast package. I had some problems with building our solution after adding the whole (huge) component. All in all this package works perfectly and the implementation build on top of it is even simpler than on the iOS counterpart mentioned in the original question.

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