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Xamarin Android Player "Could not configure host-only network. Please reboot the system..." Error

asyasy TRMember

I upgraded Windows 8.1 to Windows 10 and i cant run Xamarin Android Player. What can i do?


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  • @ApostolApostolov thanks! saved me a lot of grief.

  • rbrenartrbrenart USMember

    @ApostolApostolov thank you!

  • caseydedorecaseydedore USMember

    Thank you sir!

  • JoaoLealJoaoLeal PTMember
  • TaramouseTaramouse USMember

    I am using VS2015 Community and installed Xamarin Android Player at home. My internet access set up is as follows:
    Using Android phone hotspot connected wirelessly to my laptop.

    I also had the same problems outlined above when trying to install a virtual device using XAP. The fix posted by ApostolApostolov did not work with my set up and installation still failed with the same error.

    I fiddled around and eventually fixed it by navigating to the C:\Program Files\Xamarin Android Player\ folder and running first setNetworkRegistryValues.exe as Administrator, then DeviceManager.exe as Administrator. When I proceeded with the device install this time it set my network up correctly and 'ta da' my emulator worked correctly.

  • Still Having issues. Manually adding a network to virtual box gives me an error.


  • For the folks still having issues with XAP on Windows 10, there is a much better way to test/debug android apps, using the Visual Studio Emulator for Android. It is free and can be downloaded from The emulator requires Hyper-V so make sure to have that feature turned on. One installed start it up and it will show up in Xamarin Studio as a physical device. You can now deploy and debug your app without all the pains of the XAP.

  • huy.9217huy.9217 USMember

    i have same problem .ibut very easy to fix .
    just do this .
    i know this answer is to late .but it help you all can do it easy than way before

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  • WallyZWallyZ AUMember

    I have tried everything on thing in this post but still can't get XAP running.

    I get errors from setNetworkRegistryValues.exe.

    Manually changing the host only adapter address to anything also does not work because XAP immediately changes it back to a 169 address.

    Running as admin does not work.

    Running setNetworkRegistryValues.exe and devicemamanger.exe as admin does not work.

    Configuring compatibility to Windows 8 does not make any difference.

    Repair does not work!

    Any help or ideas appreciated.

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