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Strange error when publishing to github with two-factor authentication

After my first issue was resolved where the "Publish" option didn't exist (I had to delete the .git folder in the project root directory), I am now able to publish but I get a strange error after filling everything out. I have two-factor authentication enabled in github, so I generated a token and used that as the password when I was prompted. I have the correct URL and the Module Name and Message fields are filled out, but I get this error when I hit OK:

Version control operation failed: . Entry not found by path: packages/Xamarin.Forms.

This message is in bold with the exact same message right underneath it in normal font. I can't seem to understand why the publish isn't working, any ideas?



  • MariusUngureanuMariusUngureanu ROXamarin Team Xamurai
    edited May 2015

    Did you by chance git add the nuget packages and don't have them anymore in the local directory?

    We're currently switching out git provider to a better one, and such messages should improve.

  • FilipTodorovicFilipTodorovic USMember

    No, I basically just created a new project and tried to add it, not having changed anything at all except for deleting the .git folder that was generated upon creating the project (I was told to delete that because the "Publish" option wasn't showing up at all).

  • BeejerBeejer USMember

    My experience was that XamStudio > New Solution defaults to "Use git for version control" as well as "Create a .gitignore file..." and both of these created separate conflicts so definitely try turning those off and see if it helps.

    "Use git" created a .git folder which I gather puts the project in existing repo mode and hides the Version Control > Publish option that seems appropriate for a new project scenario, so this default behavior seems kinda misleading at face value.

    and "Create .gitignore file" seems to drive the "Entry not found" errors, which makes some sense... some portion of our tool stack is ignoring/hiding files that another portion runs into conflict.

  • @Beejer Yea, I've since moved to Visual Studio and haven't had any issues publishing/committing/pushing/pulling, unless I don't need to publish to github, I'm just more comfortable in Visual Studio as a whole, though Xamarin Studio does offer some nice features if I didn't need to deal with version control.

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