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MarcoSeraphinMarcoSeraphin DEMember, University


I just passed the Xamarin Certification exam this weekend.....puhhhh....happy do pass it.

Thanx to all trainer and the support team for constantly answering my questions.
It was not that easy....I do a lot of Xamarin.Forms apps and had some very special Android questions to deal with.
Sometimes the exam seems to be a little old compared to the actual technology usable with Xamarin. (for example: what is typically in a PCL: do not answer GUI because it would be wrong, although I do this in Xamarin.Forms PCL projects)




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  • WilliamSRodzWilliamSRodz BRInsider, University, Developer Group Leader ✭✭

    @MarcoSeraphin How many time until you receive the badge? I just passed but didn't receive any confirmation (email), can you describe the process after you complete the exam?

    Thanks =)

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