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nuget for MonoTouch/Droid/Mac ?

StuartLodgeStuartLodge USBeta ✭✭✭
edited October 2012 in Cross Platform with Xamarin

nuget has really changed the way I code my C# projects.

I'd love to use it for MonoTouch and MonoDroid too. I've seen some proposals - and but nothing really substantial.

Is this on the roadmap at all? Is this something we the community can do without Xamarin?



  • ShaneMunnShaneMunn AUBeta ✭✭

    That would be awesome. On a slightly related topic, how much is out there that can be used by MonoTouch / MonoDroid? I guess PCL support would open up the choice somewhat - assuming no JIT issues on device though?

  • gshacklesgshackles USInsider, University, Developer Group Leader ✭✭

    Last I heard, Dale Ragan and Drew Miller were working together on bringing NuGet support into MonoDevelop. I'm not sure what the status is, but hope to bug them about it at Monkeyspace and find it :)

  • decriptordecriptor USBeta, Developer Group Leader Xamurai

    From what I understand this isn't support feasible on anything other than windows maybe? The problem I believe is that nuget is fairly heavily dependent on powershell.

    However, I'd love to see nuget support in the mono ecosystem.

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