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Confirming max simultaneous touch tracking

Given iPad hardware can support up to 11 simultaneous touches, I did a quick test inside an OnTouchesMoved listener and did seem to get a touches.Count that did go above 5, even though there is a MAX_TOUCHES set to 5 at:
but I assume this is dead code left over from a port of the original Cocos2D and there isn't any current software upper bound in CocosSharp on max touch tracking support right? (only limited by the hardware itself)



  • kjpou1kjpou1 LUMember, Xamarin Team Xamurai


    I would say that is correct. The MAX_TOuCHES is leftover. There should be no limit whatsoever except that which is from MonoGame. I did not see any reason to limit the touches.

    You also do not have to use the CCEventDispatcher if it is not needed. You can drop down to straight XNA/MonoGame to get raw speed. The CCEventDispatcher does do a lot of background processing and sorting before processing the Event and all that extra processing may not be needed in your particular case.

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