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Xamarin UI Test Test Apps

I'm doing some experimentation with running Xamarin UI Tests locally, I'm using Xamarin Studio 5.9 and Xamarin UI Test 1.0.0.

I'm trying to use the new Test Apps feature to avoid having to specify the path to the APK or App Bundle, so for example on Android I can just call ConfigureApp.Android.StartApp ();

However when I try and run the tests I get the following error message.

ApkFile or InstalledApp has not been configured.

I thought the Test Apps feature would take care of this for me? What could be causing this issue?




  • mattwardmattward GBMember Xamurai

    Yes, if you use the Test Apps feature then you should not have to specify the ApkFile.

    If you create a new Android project with Xamarin Studio and run the UITests that are included out of the box does that work?

    Also in the Test Results - Output window after the test has run does the output from Xamarin.UITest mention that it is using the IDE or not?

  • BenWalpoleBenWalpole USMember

    When I create a new Android project the testing gets further, they actually seem to time out, but the emulator is launched.

    The Test Results Output Window in my project seems to show an error when connecting to the IDE.

    Attempting IDE connection through pipe 07484daf1b2d4f4fbd4b6aa52cf6a6b4.
    Skipped IDE integration, connection failed.

  • BenWalpoleBenWalpole USMember

    Ok I may have uncovered something.

    Within my solution I have a project that is wrapping the UI Test library to provide extra functionality, it seems like Xamarin Studio thought this project contained tests so I think the error messages may have been related to this project.

  • BenWalpoleBenWalpole USMember

    Ok I think I've actually figured out what is going on here, i'm trying to start the app from a helper library I'm writing. This is in a different assembly to the actual app so the code under the hood that tries to find the app won't find anything in the currently executing assembly.

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