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iOS 9 - google analytics component crash


Version: (Business Edition)

Xamarin Studio
Version 5.9.4 (build 5)

When trying to initialise Google Tag Manager, the app crashes on iOS 9 beta - 4.
In particular, it fails on line:

TAGContainerOpener.OpenContainer(code, tagManager, TAGOpenType.PreferFresh, 2, this);)

Try / Catch exception is not caught, as this seems like a catastrophic failure. However, last piece of info from iOS logs show some info:

Jul 28 18:03:45 iemcinipm2 symptomsd[94] : __51-[FlowAnalyticsEngine _applicationStateMonitorInit]_block_invoke Can't convert appState from dictionary {
BKSApplicationStateExtensionKey = 0;
SBApplicationStateDisplayIDKey = "";
SBApplicationStateKey = 0;
SBApplicationStateProcessIDKey = 246;

Anyone have an idea - is this a component issue?


Best Answer


  • IsraelSotoIsraelSoto MXXamarin Team Xamurai
    edited July 2015

    Like @MelbyRuarus said, a workaround of this is using null or numbers with decimals (e.g
    0.1, 2.1) in the timeout parameter. Using numbers without decimals (e.g 1, 2,
    2.0, 4.0) will terminate the app.

    The reason of why a NSNumber was used is because the method was expecting a pointer to a double and a NSNumber is a pointer to any number type (int, float, double) etc. But we will check if something changed from iOS 8 to iOS 9.

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