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PCL RabbitMQ Library Implemention Questions in Xamarin

jackYangjackYang USMember ✭✭

Is there a portable class library version?

We have a big project that all use C# AND .NET FCL,( X.ios+ x.And + x.mac+ windows app) ,all clients need RabbitMQ

We want to build a good PCL RabbitMQ Library,

and found In windows ,Mac and iOS, the offical RabbitMQ Client DLL's method parameters is not same.

I found the answer:

Could we have a method that make RabbitMQ Native C# Client to PCL?



  • JuYang.7770JuYang.7770 CNMember


  • EidandEidand GBMember, University ✭✭✭

    from what I've seen ( briefly though ), it looks like RabbitMQ does have an HTTP api. It should be fairly simple to use it and create a PCL assuming one doesn't exist already.

    I haven't used RabbitMQ but I build a PCL on Azure's ServiceBus, EventHub/ Topics and Queues using their HTTP ai and it works fine. I am hoping you can do the same with RabbitMQ.

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