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[ANN] Siaqodb-embedded NoSQL database for Xamarin

cristophcristoph ROMember, Beta

Siaqodb 4.0 BETA was just released, see more info on the blog post.
It fully supports Xamarin.iOS, Xamarin.Android and Xamarin.Mac, fully ASYNC API, PCL support, Nuget packages etc; for more info take a look on Siaqodb website.


  • Bewolf2Bewolf2 KHMember, Beta

    That's great news. Siaqodb is always my favoirte embed .net db.
    btw, will there'll also be update for unity asset store version?

  • cristophcristoph ROMember, Beta

    Thanks for appreciations! yes, will be also released in Unity asset store.

  • Hi cristoph, I'm new with siaqodb, I just start with trial License od siaqodb in xamarin.IOS...I got exception during create instance of DB like
    System.TypeInitializationException: An exception was thrown by the type initializer for LightningDB.Native.NativeMethods..
    on code:
    private void SetupSiaqodb()
    string documentsPath = Environment.GetFolderPath (Environment.SpecialFolder.Personal); // Documents folder
    string dbpath = Path.Combine (documentsPath, "Library/siaqodb"); // Library folder
    if (!System.IO.Directory.Exists (dbpath))

    ****    <`del>  db = new Siaqodb(dbpath);</del>`****
            TaskMgr = new TaskManager(db);
  • RahulPundir.3093RahulPundir.3093 USMember
    edited June 2015

    Plz help to get out of it. my email [email protected]

  • cristophcristoph ROMember, Beta

    Hello Rahul,
    In our setup package you can find in the root folder readme.txt file. Please look on section:

    • Requirements for your App project (if the project is a library, this is not required).

    In XamarinStudio, besides Siaqodb dlls references, you have to add also native lmdb binaries.So right click on project->Add Native Reference->pick /bin/native/ios/liblmdb.a and go.

    Once you add that, problem will be fixed.

  • jackYangjackYang USMember ✭✭


    We want a DB using in X.iOS and X.mac and X.Android
    do you have your concurrent W/R performance report about your database?

  • cristophcristoph ROMember, Beta

    We don't have yet a public performance benchmark, however Siaqodb is much faster than SQLite and CouchbaseLite. We'll make a public benchmark soon on our blog.

  • cristophcristoph ROMember, Beta

    @jackYang we published a benchmark between SQLite and Siaqodb on our blog:

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