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Localization on WinPhone 8.1 WinRT - update

zahikramerzahikramer ILMember ✭✭✭

Hi @CraigDunn and @kjpou1
Just wanted to inform you ,
You can update the Manual of localization :

The guide is only for winphone 8/8.1 SILVERLIGHT .
NOT for WP 8.1 WinRT.
(it's not working for WP8 winrt)
And i understood from you that the main support from you is for WP8 winRT (at least for cocossharp as i understood from @kjpou1

You can add another Section for WP8.1 WinRT for localization Strings according to this guide:

It's a small fix (you have only to add a Strings folder with locale folders under it (as in the guide)
with empty templated .resw files)

I checked it on CocosSharp and assuming it's also for XF.

you even don't need the platform implementation for WinPhone_Locale (for wp8.1 WinRT) ,
because the platform is looking for the current locale and search the folder names to match the locale name.

checked it for strings.
I believe for images is like in the guide (or even without renderer , must check it out)

Check it out.



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