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Xamarin.iOS component that works on some macs fails on others

I encountered a strange issue. A Xamarin component my team uses called 'Flyout Navigation' ( works fine on some macs with the latest Xamarin Studio (5.9.4 build 5) but fails on my home mac with the error “Error adding to project: Cannot get libraries from incompatible component”. It also opens a blank tab in Xamarin Studio and when you click on that tab Xamarin studio crashes.. This happened even after I did a complete uninstall of all Xamarin components and reinstall. Anyone encountered something like this? Is there any way to debug what's causing the problem?


  • mattwardmattward GBMember Xamurai

    The component looks OK. It has an iOS Classic and an iOS Unified assembly in separate lib directories.

    So if it is working on the other machines I would guess that possibly it did not extract properly into the Components directory inside the solution directory. The "Cannot get libraries from incompatible component" usually means that Xamarin Studio has looked at the lib directories for the component and cannot find an assembly that is compatible with the project the component is being used.

    I would try clearing out the local components directory. Uninstalling the component may not remove it from this local directory. You could also try clearing out the local machine cache but that may not make any difference.

    You could also attach the IDE and Component log files when the error occurs to see if that shows us what is going on. You can get to those from Help - Open Log Directory.

  • MarkPevec.8941MarkPevec.8941 USMember

    Thanks Matt! Yah, it looks like some parts of it were left in the Components folder after I removed it which was causing the problem when I tried to re-add it. When I deleted what was left in the Components folder that fixed the problem and I was able to re-add it again properly.

    It may be worthwhile updating the remove component script functionality to look for elements related to the component that are left behind in the components folder and deleting those as well (to prevent this sort of issue from occurring).

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