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MvxMessenger subscription

My problem is that I'm using the MvxMessenger and subscribe in the UI-Thread a MvxMessage for updating my ListView with the default Subscribing-Method.
If I want to publish the result and I'm not in the UI-Thread I get the message the my MvxMessage isn't registered but why?
I thought if I use the default subscribing method all threads are captured.

Here is my subscribing code and the MvxMessenger is in the base class.

                (x) =>
                    _allOrders = _connection.Table<Order>();
                    RaisePropertyChanged(() => Orders);

Anyone any information or maybe other "working" solutions?



  • ThomasLoidoltThomasLoidolt ATMember ✭✭

    I think I solved my problem for my own but I don't know exactly how :/

    The thing I changed was the MvxReference type from weak to strong but my ViewModel and my View are in memory or in scope so I don't know why this change changes the behavior.

    So I'm relaxed now but if anyone could give me an answer I would be very happy about it.

  • ThomasLoidoltThomasLoidolt ATMember ✭✭

    So I solved this suspicious behavior too :)
    I thought the ViewModel has to be alive but it is the token that has to be alive and know it works perfect.

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