Need have ready HTML5 (as own design) before development (MVVM pattern)

We are going to use Xamarin to develop large business app in MVVM pattern and let me ask, since we are using desing studio and developer as two parties, if there is a need to develop separatelly html5 as snashop of design before it will be delivered to developer? Or the PSD for developers will be enough? thx for feedback.

The point is if the design of app will be created in different way than in HTML5 by developer so to do conversion of design to html5 will be nonsense.

thx for feedback.


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  • franc79franc79 CZMember

    thx Eidand for response. So that means that html can be used in xamarin and then can be reused for other platforms... also with MVVM pattern make this approach makes sense ... it is correct understanding?

    One more point, regarding Performance of UI> is HTML UI more demanding then more native UI?
    We have quite static and simple UI ...

    thx for your view in advance

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