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Xamarin.Android/iOS TCP integration

HanniHanni DEMember

Hello guys, I have a few questions I would like to resolve.
I want to add User Profiles to my App for Android and iOS, so that the user is able to upgrade his account to a pro Version via inApp purchases to remove some restrictions to the basic user.
To achieve this I thought I will use an external server written in C# to communicate via TCP and save all the Data in MySQL on a root server.
I might be able to do this only on the device using SQLite but later on I need a routine so that multiple user can work on the same project on their own device.

Is this the right way to go or is there a better way of implementation?

This pcl-socket API is what I had in mind:


  • RyanDavisRyanDavis AUInsider, University ✭✭

    Hi @Hanni,

    I'm the author of sockets-for-pcl, and I can confirm that if you want to go down the sockets route it will certainly do the job.

    That said, I would recommend looking deeper into the mechanisms of In-App purchases for each of the platforms you are targeting to understand exactly what you need to keep track of, then consider whether you can make do with a higher level of abstraction. For example, if you are able to work with a Microsoft stack on the server, ASP.NET WebAPI is probably going to be easier to work with than raw sockets. If you want to use node.js serverside, Express might be useful.. and so on.

    Shuffling bytes back and forward is good for peer to peer, or situations where you have a mobile device that needs to do the listening, but when your clients are mobiles and the listener is a bona-fide server out in the cloud, it's worth considering something higher level :)

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