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I've started using the Xamarin Studio a few days ago and I'm currently testing some possible code structures using the IDE's source code management features.

I was trying to create a Workspace and inside that workspace, I added 3 Solutions.
Those solutions contain library projects.
Everything went alright.

However, when I tried to reference a library that was contained inside of a different solution, it wouldn't show the project in the Edit References dialog.
It only shows projects inside the same solution.

Is it a bug or on purpose?
If the latter, are there plans to include this feature in an upcoming version?

I believe it to be a really useful feature since we can have large applications organized by workspaces and multiple solutions and it would be a lot easier to be able to reference an assembly from a different solution, rather than having to build all projects to a single target lib folder where all projects go look for shared assemblies.


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  • WilziriusWilzirius PTMember

    Thanks for your response.

    It indeed makes sense that it can't work that way, but as you suggested I could create the structure I had in mind using solution folders instead.

    Although at first I wasn't able to do it because solution folders have some peculiar behavior.
    The folders are not physically created until you add a project inside of it.

    And if you add additional projects to the same solution folder, they will be added inside the first project folder.

    This, unless you notice the folder paths when creating the projects and change them manually.

    I also had to create physical folders for the solution folders and change their Root Directory property accordingly.

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